Aviance Philosophy
We ardently believe that through the eternal power of feminine beauty, women have limitless capacity to change the world. That is why we have invested our hearts, minds and souls into developing the finest products for women to realize their full potential for inner and outer beauty.
No one understands the powerfulness of feminine beauty as deeply as aviance. We have applied the pillars of science, nature and innovation to create distinctive products which deliver visible results that can be seen and felt immediately.
S= Science, by harnessing the most advanced skincare and beauty technology, we are able to unlock the secrets to natural beauty that look and feel extraordinary.

N= Nature, within the embrace of Mother Nature, miraculous natural ingredients exhibiting tremendous clinical efficiency are being discovered, and aviance is the first to utilize the best of them.

I= Innovation, the benefits of cutting edge innovations yield the most successful results are instilled in every drop of aviance products.

C2G Concept

C2G Concept

It is the secret codes of nature, activating rejuvenation signals for the ultimate beautiful skin with the latest beauty innovation from aviance.

The concept of C2G emerges from the deep ocean where life originated.  "Plankton and deep algae", small organisms inheriting the "CELLS" structures which carry the secrets of genetic codes known as "GENES". Once encoded, the genes signalize each cell to activate its life force which allow them to underpin the food chains and forward energy to lives on earth.

With the exclusive cultivation and extraction technology to acquire powerful natural ingredients from deep ocean organisms, the cutting-edge innovation C2G Technology combines the concentrate extracts from the origin of life force, "plankton and deep sea algae", which activates healthy looking skin.

In pursuing the ultimate beauty, development of advanced cosmetic technologyhas brought basic skin care cosmetics to Cosmeceuticals, and finally to the era of Cosmetogenomics.

Absolute White C2G

Absolute White C2G

Global whitening for the overall results of naturally bright and radiant skin.

Entering the new era of future skin care technology with global whitening skincare products for the overall naturally brighter skin with radiance - aviance Absolute White, with Luminescence C2G Technology.

Deliver deeply rejuvenating signals to fight against skin dullness effectively.
  • UV rays and pollutions damage the skin and reduce the performance of cell functions
  • As the vital signals of untainted skin weaken, skin color problems rise. These include dullness,dark spots, hyperpigmentation uneven skin tone.
With the advanced technology for future skin care, encoding the secrets of aquatic plant cells from the ocean to obtain concentrated extracts from  unique species of plankton, deep sea red algae, and deep brown algae. This beauty innovation delivers rejuvenation signals deeply to fight skin dullness problems, while restoring and captivating moisture deeply like deep sea algae that are fully hydrated from within

Intensive Age Defense C2G

Intensive Age Defense C2G

C2G intensive age defense has the global anti-aging effects for overall youthful looking skin.

Entering the new era of future skin care technology and delivering powerful signals for youthful looking skin with global anti-aging skincare products, aviance Intensive Age Defense, powered by Revival C2G Technology that deeply rejuvenates, helps fight aging signs and skinproblems effectively.

With the advanced technology for future skin care, encoding the secrets of aquatic plant cell from ocean to obtain concentrated plankton, deep sea red algae and deep sea brown wagame algae from France.

Specially selected crucial parts that store life force for delivering young life to the ocean. Sending rejuvenation signals deeply to counter aging skin problems, while restoring and captivating moisture deeply just as deep sea algae that are fully hydrated from within. This global anti-aging effect reveals soft, supple, hydrated and firm skin as you always wish for.

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